Interesting Ways To Stay Awake During Study Hours

Interesting Ways To Stay Awake During Study Hours

Studies have shown that a normal human needs atleast 8-9 hours of sleep per day but that officially tends to increase especially during exams. I’m also a student and is very well known with the problem students faced regarding their sleep and their devotion to their work. This the regular problem of every other teenager consisting the problem faced to keep themselves awake. I remember the time when I had to constantly face the large drags of sleep during my study time and eventually I had to sleep that makes me lose my track of work leaving me behind the schedule.

But onto all eventually I found the solution that proved to be quite helpful maintaining my schedule and making me study without sleeping.

Try all the solutions below keep yourself awake during study sessions.

1. Motivation

Make a motivation. Keep in your mind the purpose so that you could avoid distraction when sleep comes

2. Little Nap

Take a little nap of about 15 to 20 minutes so give a little rest to your brain as well as your body. Make sure to put alarm so you wont face any problem of getting up again.

3. Coffee

Coffee is proved to be very good stimuli in removing away tiredness and making you feel fresh again. Consider it to be little dark with less milk for best results.

4. Exercise

If you are getting jolts of sleep and taking a nap doesn’t seems a good option then little exercise is always the best option. Do some squats or ups and downs to refresh your mind and wake your body from deep slumber.

5. No Phone

Use of phone always makes you little tired and stops your brain functioning to minimal so avoid its use during study.

6. Early Start

Try starting your study session earlier when you are feeling fresh so that you could avoid sleep when it gets late during your study because the more late you study the more sleepy you will become


While studying put some snacks within your reach mostly some chocolates. Due to their high sugar level they helps in avoiding sleep.

8. Power Nap

Evening naps are mostly power naps that plays major role in keeping you awake at night. These mostly don’t works for everyone but for me they did.

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