Different Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

Keeping up with the latest trends and beauty products seems to be a quite entertaining task. But the problem arises when when you get a flaw in your beauty ways. Well lets come to the point where dark lips raises the major problem in making you look dull.

Im sure everyone wants pink natural lips that flaunts your smile but recently with the massive intake of coffee, smoking and yes the exposure to sun they are getting darker due to pigmentation.

And then comes the stress of looking into ways of getting rid of them or using expensive products but still there are natural ways of doing so. Lets check out.

1. Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil to your lips daily or mostly before going to bed.

It will replenish those dark pigments making them look soft and pink

2. Lemon Honey balm

mix lemon and honey to make a thick balm with little water. Freeze it for some time and then apply it on your lips. It will dry up naturally or you can just wipe it of using wash cloth.

Lemon works as a whitening agent due to Vitamin C so it helps to remove dark pigments and dry skin while honey keeps the skin soft.

3. Almond Oil

apply thin layer of almond oil before going to bed using your finger.

It will cause discoloration of dark pigments

4. Aloe Vera Gel

Applying a thin layer of aloe vera gel once a day will help in lightning your dark lips.

Aloe vera gel has remarkable properties of getting rid of dry and dead skin cells.

5. Glycerine

By applying glycerine on your lips using a cotton swab before bed every night will in getting rid of dark skin and sun tan caused by excessive exposure to sun.

6. Baking Soda

Apply baking soda with little water using a tooth brush on your dry dark lips will help them in lightening.

Rub that toothbrush on your lips for few minuted and then rinse it of.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar with water on your lips can be proved very helpful. Apply it twice a week

Acidic properties of vinegar will help in lightening.

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