Interesting Ways To Cure Bad Breath

Interesting Ways To Cure Bad Breath

Consider it you are talking to someone and that person has bad breath how disgusting and gross that would be when you cant even tell them to shutup without sounding rude. And somehow if that person is you quite disturbing right?

Bad breath is a serious problem that can simply destroy your reputation or can upset the other person. It should be cured immediately. Bad breath can be due to many reasons mostly by eating something having strong odor or might be due to unhygienic health and yes of course smoking

Below are some easiest ways to get rid of it

1. Brush More Often

Brush your teeth more often after eating something of bad odor and do make a habit of flossing once a day. But make sure not to exaggerate by brushing more than twice as it will traumatize your teeth.

2. Scraping Your Tongue

Microorganisms and bacteria from greasy foods sticks to your tongue and can be the source of bad breath. Use a scraper for this that are specially designed to remove the bacteria or you can just simple rub your tongue against the toothbrush.

3. Use of Listerine

Using a gargle mostly Listerine can be helpful in curing bad breath. They removes the microorganisms causing such gross breath but do make sure that the gargle you choose kills bacteria instead of just concealing the smell.

4. Avoid Eating Sour Foods

Making a change with the foods you eat can also help in treating bad breath. Just avoid eating garlic and onions that mostly sour your breath or minimize their intake then regular and you will do just fine. Also add mint to your habit

5. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the main cause of bad breath and yes dark lips. So simply by avoiding smoking you will be doing a favor to your orals.

6. Avoid Dehydration

Drink enough water to keep your mouth moist that will avoid the formation of microorganisms and bacteria inside your mouth. With no germs there will be no bad breath.

7. Citrus Fruits

Maximum intake of citrus fruits will also help in curing bad breath. They contains vitamin C that kills all the germs and bacteria causing bad breath.

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