Interesting Uses Of Vaseline

Interesting Uses Of Vaseline

Vaseline is used to be known as a simple moisturizer keeping your skin smooth and fresh but still no one is aware of the multi benefits it holds. Speaking of that it is quite shocking to list all the uses and benefits Vaseline endures whether they are concerned with beauty, hairs or some household stuff. It holds equal importance

Vaseline can be of many things including it in makeup stuff or as some conditioning for hairs also it could equally serve usefull for daily tools.

Below are some uses of Vaseline

1. Beauty

  • Apply Vaseline on dull and rough skin and you will sure notice it turning smooth. Apply it overnight for better results
  • Same as skin lips also gets old with dull layers. Use Vaseline with sugar to make a scrub to remove the dead cells
  • Sometimes mascara forms breakage and thinning. Avoid this by applying Vaseline first
  • When applying a dark lipstick rub some gel on to teeths to avoid the stain.
  • Removing fake eyelashes can be tiring. It can be made easier using Vaseline
  • Vaseline works as great highlighter if you have run out of one or cant afford one
  • If you have run out of some makeup remover don’t worry Vaseline can be used instead
  • Get soft hands and feet by applying Vaseline as a moisturizer especially in winters

2. Hairs

  • Remove frizz from you hair buy applying it a little with your palm
  • Deal your split ends buy applying little of Vaseline onto it
  • Vaseline also acts as a moisturizer for dry hairs
  • Vaseline also helps in treating chew gum from hairs that sure is tough task

3. Household

  • Apply Vaseline on shoes and bags or other leather stuff to make them shine
  • Vaseline also helps with the stuck zipper of bags, jeans or other
  • Makeup stains from clothes can easily be removed by applying Vaseline
  • High pitched sounds can easily be treated by applying little Vaseline on door hinges
  • By applying a layer outside pets food box aunts can be prevented.

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