The lawyer of two accusers of Michael Jackson still hopes a trial

The lawyer of two accusers of Michael Jackson still hopes a trial

The lawyer for two men who claimed to have been sexually abused by Michael Jackson when they were children, who testify in the “Leaving Neverland” documentary-shock, still believes in the possibility of a lawsuit against company founded by the singer.

Vince Finaldi, a lawyer specializing in sexual assault on minors, defends Wade Robson, 41, and James Safechuck, 36, who claim to have suffered repeated pedophile acts from the “King of Pop,” who died in 2009.

Their stories are at the heart of the documentary “Leaving Neverland”, produced by the HBO channel. They have led some media to stop broadcasting the singer’s works.

For their part, Michael Jackson’s heirs refute these accusations and his executors have filed a lawsuit against HBO.

Messrs. Both Robson and Safechuck filed civil suits against the company created by Michael Jackson, but the proceedings were dismissed in 2017 and Vince Finaldi appealed the decision.

If we succeed in this appeal, then the case will go to court and the original complaint will resume,” said the lawyer to AFP, which is awaiting a decision of the Court of Appeal “either at the end of the summer, early fall. “

His clients “are waiting for one thing from the trial: an impartial jury determines whether Michael Jackson was a pedophile who abused them sexually for several years, and whether he used his company to facilitate these abuses on many children in the world, “summarizes the lawyer.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, of a drug overdose, so

we can not hold him responsible anymore. But we can blame it on what it left: this company still exists, it works and continues to market its music and make money, says Finaldi

It was the company that employed all the people around it, who bought the plane tickets for the children, who put the children in the same hotel room as Michael Jackson, who separated them from the parents by sending them traveling or putting them to the hotel on different floors, he accuses

All these employees, who are not prosecuted individually, “could have picked up their phone and called the police,” or “warn parents” to “protect children as a normal adult would,” says the lawyer

Taj Jackson on his Twitter account at 22.03.2019. 
Taj Jackson also started the production of the new Michael Jackson series.

Yes, I did it also. If the documentary by W. Robson and J. Safechuck gets so much support, then this does deserve at least the same support. 

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