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Slim And Firm Your Skin: That’s How The Dubrow Diet From The US Works

Slim And Firm Your Skin: That’s How The Dubrow Diet From The US Works

It’s brand new and has already made it into the best-selling books of Amazon in the US – the so-called Dubrow diet, which not only reprogrammes the metabolism but also provides anti-aging benefits to the skin. And quite relaxed, because this diet dispenses with calorie counting and sets for an effective fasting philosophy.

Dubrow diet – Lose Weight Like The Celebrities

The Dubrow diet was launched a few months ago as a book in Los Angeles but is already enjoying great popularity in the States. That could be because the author couple Terry and Heather Dubrow are well-known TV personalities and specialists in the field of beauty medicine. But what sounds like a typical weight loss regime from the dream factory turns out to be a surprisingly healthy and sensible diet, based on a mix of intermittent fasting and a low carbohydrate diet.

This Is How The Dubrow Diet Works – The Principles

  • Count calories?
  • Combine fats and proteins per gram?

All too stressful, as the diet developers think because even if you file on his dream body, you should be able to enjoy the food on the plate without math. We find it very likable, but of course, without rules, it does not work. Instead of calories and Co., one counts here namely hours – because the diet works on the principle of intermittent fasting, also known as Interval fast.

This means that you can stop eating in a certain amount of time and eat normally for the rest of the time. The fasting philosophy is currently celebrated among experts as one of the best weight-loss strategies, as interval fasting boosts the metabolism and fat burning and can also be easily integrated into everyday life.
But Let’s Go Into More Detail: The Dubrow diet suggests fasting for between 12 and 16 hours a day – which means conversely that eight to twelve hours a day may be eaten. How to integrate this time into the day is up to you – if you get along well without breakfast early in the morning, you start the Schlemmer phase from ten o’clock and can then distribute meals over the next eight to twelve hours.

Foods that Are Allowed

To really lose weight, it is not only important when, but also what you eat. The Dubrow diet prescribes a balanced, fresh diet without finished products, with reduced carbohydrate content. Accordingly, low-strength, green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, lettuce or zucchini are optimal, low-fat proteins such as lean quark, eggs, chicken, fish or tofu as well as healthy fats such as vegetable oils, nuts or avocados. In addition to plenty of water, you can also drink coffee (black or reduced-fat milk) and tea.

Slimming In Three Phases – The Details Of The Diet 

The basic rules are easy to understand – but unfortunately, that was not all. Namely, the Dubrow diet is divided into three different phases, which give the concept a framework and help you to lose weight step by step and to keep the dream weight at the end. Ten times are varied or certain rules are relaxed. And so the three phases look in detail:

1st phase: Red Carpet Ready

  • Duration: two to five days
  • Lent: fast for 16 hours, eat eight hours
  • Objective: To get used to the fasting process of the body and metabolism.

In the first phase, you can also celebrate first success in terms of weight.

2nd phase: Summer Is Coming

  • Duration: at will
  • Lent: fast twelve to 16 hours, eat eight to ten hours
  • Objective: This phase should be continued until the dream weight is reached. Regular workouts help you achieve your goals faster.
  • Special rules: Alcohol and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes, starchy vegetables) are allowed again, but only in moderate amounts.

Stage 3: Look Hot While Living Like a Human

  • Duration: at will
  • Lent: twelve hours per week for five days; 16 hours a day, two days a week
  • Aim: To maintain the new ideal weight and to continue to drive metabolism and fat burning.
  • Special rules: The diet is the same as in Phase Two, but a cheat meal is also allowed (pizza, we’re coming!)

This Diet Not Only Makes You Slim But Also Beautiful

beautiful woman with acne and scars eats aai smoothie bowl with fruits

Nice side effect? Intermittent fasting influences skin appearance positively over time and is supposed to promote a youthful appearance. This has been scientifically proven: By giving up solid food for hours, the body has to spend less energy on the digestive process and can use this surplus energy for cell renewal. This process is known by the term autophagy and can be understood as a kind of body-own detox program: Useless, old cell parts are thereby eliminated and created new. This ensures a healthy balance between old, weaker and new cells, which helps the body to protect against diseases such as diabetes, dementia or even cancer, but also benefits the skin. Because young cells always mean a fresh, healthy complexion and more tartness. The comparison with treatment with the Beauty Doc, which the authors draw, is however somewhat exaggerated – the autophagy should, therefore, be understood only as a great side effect, but as a miracle cure for wrinkles.

Dubrow – Do Or Do Not? The Conclusion To The New US Diet

In principle, the Dubrow diet benefits from the scientifically proven advantages of interval stapling – and puts the now well-known philosophy in the limelight. So this is combined with a healthy low-carb diet and weight loss planned in three different phases. Although we do not find the idea surprising or innovative, the Dubrow Diet is a great choice for those who want to lose weight, healthy and relaxed, but still successful. Of course, this requires discipline and perseverance, and regular exercise should be part of the diet as well as nutrition. A minus point? For once, we do not think so, because the Dubrow diet sounds like around and healthy concept, despite celebrity authors, as long as you rely on many fresh and high-quality foods.

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