Prince William accused of misleading Kate Middleton with one of her friends, the rumor grows

Prince William accused of misleading Kate Middleton with one of her friends, the rumor grows

If we believe a crazy rumor, Prince William would have been unfaithful to Kate Middleton with one of her close friends.

You may not know it, but Kate Middleton and Prince William made a lovely deal a few years ago. Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had promised to marry after their brief break in 2007. A promise they have obviously held because they said yes for life four years later. But while the couple seems to spin the perfect love, unexpected rumors around their relationship are the buzz on social networks. Prince William is currently accused of deceiving Kate Middleton with Rose Hanbury, one of her former close friends . The two women would then have fought hard, before cutting the decks definitively. An alleged betrayal confirmed by a famous British writer.

“Yes. This is an extra-marital relationship. I have not read the articles but I am aware of this connection, everyone is aware of this connection, darling” 

thus wrote the author Giles Coren on Twitter .

 A message now not found. But can we really trust the statements of the latter? Not if we believe Elaine Lui ! According to the columnist for The Social, Giles Coren is said to be a real provocateur in search of controversy. Did the writer then lie to make the buzz? Highly possible. These new revelations will certainly be sure to have a chat on the web. However, do not forget to take them with very big tweezers.

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