New Make-up, Lip Mask and Wool Spray – Do you need them?

This week I took a hairspray, a lip mask and the make-up of a brand well known around the world. How did the products work? Do they really offer what they say? And do they really deserved to be in your bathroom or cosmetic bags? Come and test us! Being orientated with cosmetic news is a nut and nobody is a fan of spending money on products that do promise miracles but eventually quite early take their place to a bucket. That’s why it is very important to test them first and seeing the result.

1. Wella Glow Spray Wella Texture and Shine Shockwaves

Wella, Shockwaves Texture N`Shine Provides Lift, 130 CZK, 150ml, you buy in a drugstore network. Not everyone is blessed with natural soft curls or beachy waves but this product offers you that. Apply it to the lengths of wet or dry hair. Although the spray is at the same time styling with a moderate fixation, the hair does not stick and immediately dries. Your hair should also be protected from moisture, so your hairstyle should be kept in the autumn rainy days. The final bonus is still a natural shine that adds to the waves because wavy hair usually does not shine much.

How did it stand?

I tried the hair dry option and the spray was great. There was no stickiness neither my hairs were fixed like a glue. My hairs looked natural and flowy. I was shining even more. Unfortunately, I did not test moisture protection, but since the hairstyle kept all day, I believe it too.

2. Mattress Make-up Fenty Beauty By Rihanna 

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Matt Liquid Makeup, 860 Kč, 32 ml, buy in perfumery network In the first half of September, the new cosmetic brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna entered the Czech market. The wide range of decorative cosmetics includes everything you can think of from correctors, make-up base, lip gloss, powder, shadow and much more. To make your preparations well applied and applied, Rihanna also thought about brushes and beauty blenders. Rihanna really wanted to meet everybody, so all products offer a wide variety of shades. For example, a dull makeup can be found at forty. 

How did it stand?

I tested the make-up shade number 260 that perfectly suited my skin. It was unified and really matt. It was devoid of all kinds of, but there are four types of silicone, so be careful if your skin does not stand! The perfect lasted almost all day. 

3. Flash Patch Lip Renewal Patchology Mask 

Pathology, Flash patch Lip Renewal, Lipstick, 320 Kč (5 pieces), buy in perfumery network With masks of all kinds, the Pathology has literally ruptured the bag in recent years, so Patchology also came with a gel mask on the lips. Pathology is the brand that originally devoted to the production of patches for the healthcare sector, gradually expanding its range of cosmetic masks. The pack contains 5 pieces so it will last for a while because you do not have to use it daily or a week. I would recommend using it once a month if you want your lips to indulge in a spa or before some important event when you want to have perfect lips before applying lipstick. 

How did it stand?

You have to handle the mask very handy and light because it’s pretty fragile. Put it on your lips and leave it for five minutes. Removing the rest of the gel after the mask gently tap into your lips. These are beautifully soft to the touch and visibly hydrated after use, so perfectly prepared to apply lipstick.

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