Makeup Hacks

Makeup Hacks

Who isn’t interested in makeup today? Quite simplest answer. No one

But wouldn’t it be perfect when we can use one makeup in so many different ways. Alright, of course, it is.

Now lets focus on what I have for you guys today and that is makeup hacks.

1. lipstick Hacks

Lipstick is one of the basic need of girls nowadays also one important product in makeup but you had been surprised with all the benefits it has.

Red Lipstick can be used in place of concealer for dark spots and dark circles.
You can also use it in place of blush.
Not only this if you apply blue and pink lip pencil you would get a purple lipstick

Not only this if don’t happens to have some color of lipstick then just mix crayon of that color with coconut oil and boom! You got your desired color.

2. Mascara Hacks

Mascara is useful in so many ways even when its all dried up it can be still used.

Put castor oil in some old bottle of mascara and use it to apply on your eyelashes to make them grow long.
Also, use mascara to shape your eyebrows.
Coat eyelashes in baby powder before mascara to get instant volume.

3. Foundation Hacks

Sometimes while applying makeup your foundation gets uneven and become smudged but there is a solution to it

Rub some ice cubes all over your face before applying foundation to get it even.
If you don’t have a perfect shade then try using some Vaseline will help
Always rub it using some brush it will be easier.

4. EyeMakeup Hacks

There are many ways to get amazing eye makeups

Use scotch tape to get winged eyeliner. This is an easier method
If the tip of your eyeliner has dried then just change its direction and you got your brand new eyeliner.
Put kajal in the upper direction of your eyes to make them look big

To get a smokey eye makeup to take a dark color and smudge them using your thumb.

5. Nail hacks

Get perfect nail hacks that are

To dry your nail polish quickly put your nail in ice cold water.
Use a random glue on your nails with nail polish separately and peel them of when dried to get a perfect manicure.
You can use a permanent marker to get nail art.

6. other Hacks

here are some random hacks you should know

Use coconut oil to remove makeup.
When in hurry and got no time for a shower then use baby powder in your hairs and brush them. It works as a dry shampoo.

Use a random pencil color and put it in flame for some seconds then let it cool down. You got a new eyeliner of any color you wish.

What do you think?


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