KJ Apa (Riverdale) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) close, they unveil their secrets for a successful road trip

KJ Apa (Riverdale) and Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) close, they unveil their secrets for a successful road trip

In full promotion of their new movie Netflix The Last Summer, the two flagship actors of Riverdale and Teen Wolf have left some revelations. We tell you everything!

The two actors now aged 21 and 27 have been particularly close when giving some useful tips to Entertainment Weekly, as part of a road trip with friends. On the screen of The Last Summer, Netflix’s new romantic comedy, the two men showed that they had experience. To begin with the choice of a good sound system! KJ Apa explains:

Because that trip I did with Cole and he had his Bluetooth speakers … it was horrible

Secondly, it is necessary to go with extraordinary friends.

Tyler Posey also mentions “legendary friends in their genre” .

And although it may be good to have a “village idiot” in the car, the actor who became known for his role as a young werewolf in Teen Wolf admits to having been called so many times … Third, good junk food. If Tyler Posey is primarily a fan of dried meat, KJ Apa, who is New Zealander and unfamiliar with US dried meat brands, is not against dry sausages. He adds, 

I think a bottle of Powerade is always a good thing! And you need water! Fourth, the pee breaks

When Tyler Posey announces

“You need something to pee” in case the nearest petrol station is still far away, “Once I was on my way to work and it was a long drive to Vancouver, and I had to pee so much that I had to drive and pee in a bottle”

 which leaves his co-star completely impressed.

“And did you pee next?”

 he asks a KJ Apa who is not afraid proud to say

” No, everything was perfectly perfect (…) It was very professional.”

 that says a lot about the complicity of the two men. Finally, and this is the fifth and final point: always have a good co-driver. KJ Apa explains:

 “The passenger is always the DJ and the passenger is not allowed to fall asleep” .

 What Tyler Posey confirms! Particularly happy with them, they finish the interview by saying:

 “We are Tyler and KJ We were in a movie and now we are a duo!”

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