Justin Bieber accused of defending Chris Brown’s violent past? His fans clash badly!

Justin Bieber accused of defending Chris Brown’s violent past? His fans clash badly!

This weekend, the singer now married to Hailey Baldwin has attracted the wrath of his fans after an Instagram post in favor of Chris Brown … 

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the most glamorous couple of the moment, we must recognize that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could have a lot to say to one of the recent publications. of the young man. Indeed, this weekend, the interpreter of “Sorry” had a bad idea to publicly acknowledge that he supports Chris Brown through an Instagram photo associating the rapper to “legends” musical such as Michael Jackson and 2Pac. Justin Bieber writes in the caption of the image

Everyone wants to wait until people die to give them the credit they deserve. It must stop because when Chris Brown dies after a full and full life, you will miss what you had before you all this time …

And it’s not over!

Justin Bieber continues

Believe me, look, you’ll see … people who have denigrated the talent of this man because of an error he made … you need to reevaluate it! like Chris Brown

A statement that is very badly passed on the side of the fans of the singer since they did not fail to react massively in the comments. At the time of writing, no less than 140,000 comments have been sent and often of the same kind. 

Domestic violence is not a p —– error

 can be read dozens of recovery. A user inquires about a

Lol error? Rihanna had to stumble and fall head first on Chris Browns’ fists several times to get those blues?

when another tackle Justin Bieber of a

God is not proud of you

Faced with the backlash, Justin Bieber tries to clear himself!
Faced with the backlash, Justin Bieber tries to clear himself!

A particularly excited fan commented,

I did not realize because of my fanaticism, but I’m officially leaving the fanbase, I can not support someone who normalizes that and who supports a violent man

when another exclaims

I hope you will not make any “mistakes” with Hailey

Thanks to Chris Brown and supported by personalities such as Sean Kingston, Nick Cannon, Balvin J, Dinah Jane of Fifth Harmony, Marshmello or Marlon Wayans, Justin Bieber caused a huge uproar on the part of Internet users and its fans. Faced with the backlash, he even tried to defend himself but to no avail. As a reminder, Chris pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna in 2009 while she was his girlfriend. More recently, he was arrested for rape last January!

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