Jennifer Aniston ready to rediscover love, her touching confidences

Jennifer Aniston ready to rediscover love, her touching confidences

Jennifer Aniston is ready to regain love! The actress talked about her love life in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Jennifer Aniston is the star of the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. On this occasion, the star of Friends spoke with his colleague Tig Notaro who plays with him in the next comedy Netflix, First Ladies. While many are convinced that Jennifer Aniston is made for Brad Pitt , the actress is ready to move forward. Despite her two divorces, she still believes in love and is ready for a new romance.

I do not say, ‘No, I’m done with that, it will never happen again.’ My time on this planet was … It was not in a certain way (…) But I would say that I did not find anything in my past that gave me a reason to harden me and to make me a shell or a wall of: ‘No more, it’s good, I shut up

she said.

Jennifer Aniston then came back on the qualities that should have his ideal man.

Sense of humor, strong self-esteem, self-confidence, kindness, generosity, good people around them …

she said. 

According to rumors, Jennifer Aniston registered on a dating site to find love. However, the actress claimed that if she was ready for a new story, she was not looking for the new man of her life at all costs.

To be honest, I do not have the time, I focused on filming, so meeting someone was not my priority, and I think whatever romance it will be, it will be It’s not about looking for her, you know

Lastly, her past relationships did not discourage her from opening up to love because according to the star, we have several soul mates.

I think we have several soul mates. I do not think there is one person. I think we have soul mates groups

she concluded.

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