Jennifer Aniston in a relationship with one of her friends co-stars? The details that will make you hallucinate!

Jennifer Aniston in a relationship with one of her friends co-stars? The details that will make you hallucinate!

While Jennifer Aniston has had some tough love stories in the past, here are some details you certainly do not know about her love life!

A very secret idyll! Yes meltynauts, if you are fans of the series Friends , you know that the cast has always been extremely close to the point where they had united to get exactly the same salary at the time when the TV show was still broadcast. While Jennifer Aniston seemed ready to regain love and regain control of her love life , the actress had a romance with none other than Matthew Perry. Yes, you read correctly ! If their story was very brief, it was enough to undermine the almost unreal link that remained between the six actors who had made the heyday of the flagship series of NBC. Because, indeed, it would not be very well finished.

Their adventure would have taken place between the divorce of the interpreter of Rachel Greene with Brad Pitt and its meeting with Justin Theroux . And if the young woman had invited Matthew Perry to his wedding with the star of Seven , he had not been invited to the ceremony that had linked his fate to that of Justin Theroux. And according to the rumors of the time, the climate had become so embarrassing between them that she had not wished to invite her former co-star. Interviewed by People magazine in 2009, the unforgettable Chandler Bing revealed that the wedding was “a real surprise” for him. But then, what happened? We will probably never know!

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