2 Interesting Helpful Tips On Handling WhatsApp

2 Interesting Helpful Tips On Handling WhatsApp

Messenger “WhatsApp” firmly established in our mobile phones. This useful program has one major drawback – a lot of pictures and videos that are sent by different subscribers and post members of groups, clog up the memory of the device, as well as “cloud” storages in which WhatsApp backups are stored.

Few people know about this, but the program has the ability to quickly and conveniently delete content sent by a subscriber or group.

To do this 

1. click on the top right of the three points and select “Settings.”

2. They go into the “Data and Storage”, in the next window – in the “Storage”.

3. After that, we will see a list of the most “heavy” contacts and groups in descending order according to the amount of content downloaded to our phone.

4. Clicking on any of these subscribers, we get the layout of the content sent to our phone specifically this character or group.

5. Clicking on the message “Manage messages” below, we will be able to remove some or all of the listed categories. By default, they are all ticked.

6. If you want to remove only the video that occupies the most space, all other checkboxes should be removed.

7. If you want to leave only text messages from this group, you should uncheck only text messages.

8. Anything else that is ticked will be deleted when you click the “Delete Message” button below.

This is an easy way to see who and to what extent litters your cell phone on WhatsApp, and deal with the content, without having to delete pictures and videos from the gallery or directly from the folders on the disk.

One more trick

if you don’t like that someone downloads to your phone via WhatsApp without any demand everything that comes into his head, you can make sure that neither pictures, nor videos, nor audio recordings, nor documents are downloaded at all automatically on the phone until you yourself click them to download.

To do this

1. go back to “Settings”, “Data and storage”.

2. there in the section “Startup media” go through all three points (“Mobile network”, “Wi-Fi”, “In roaming”) and remove all the checkboxes all three paragraphs.

By the way, “Startup Media” is useful to check in any case – so that there are no ticks “In roaming” there, because otherwise abroad you will have to pay a lot of money for expensive roaming traffic, and set the desired settings for autoload via mobile connection – after all, if you have a limit of, say, two gigabytes per month, it is reasonable not to load everything that comes to WhatsApp via the mobile Internet, but wait until the nearest Wi-Fi.

We hope that these tips will help you in everyday life, complicated by modern technologies with settings that are not always clear to the ordinary person.

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