7 tips to have beautiful and healthy hair

How To Have Beautiful, Healthy Hair

Hairs deserve special care in the summer! With so many sea baths, swimming pool and sun exposure in excess, it is natural that the wires become more dry, no matter what your hair type. To dribble – and avoid! – the lack of shine and breakage, the dermatologist Camila Marçal, from the Institute of Pelle Madureira, listed ten tips for you to enjoy the hottest season of the year without harming the woods!

It is not just skin that needs care in the summer. The hairs tend to get drier because of the sun, which ends up removing the natural moisture from the strands. However, the beauty market is prepared for the hottest season of the year. It is that several lines of shampoo, conditioner, and leave-ins come with FPS to block the effects of the sun on the wires. In addition, it is worth preparing the hair care routine as well: cold water and home hydrations help to moisturize the locks. Check out the tips!

1. Solar filter also in the hairs!

Just like sunscreen for the body and face are essential, a filter for the wires is also crucial! According to the dermatologist, the SPF can be found in finishing products, such as leave-ins. “They form a film on the stem of the wire, reducing the loss of moisture and forming a barrier against UV rays,” he explains.

2. Shower of sweet and cold water after the bath of sea or swimming pool

Sea salt and chlorine in the pool often leave the hair dry. Therefore, the dermatologist indicates. “After diving in the sea or pool, try to wash the wires with fresh water to avoid dryness by salty water or chlorine. If you do not have a shower nearby, use a bottle of mineral water, “he advises. In addition, cold water is also healthier for hair. “Hot water boosts the oiliness of the scalp and opens the scales of the hair, contributing to dryness and loss of brightness,” explains the dermatologist.

3. Bones and scarfs are welcome!

In addition to hair products with sunscreen, the dermatologist also advises creating a physical barrier in the wires. The allies? Accessories! “Invest in UV wipes, hats or hats to protect your hair and scalp.”

4. Hydrating with masks and ampoules are fundamental

Moisturizing the wires at home, right after the beach and pool is essential! Treatment masks may help, but if time is short, ampoules can guarantee the sheen and softness that dehydrated wires from the sun and sea need. “There are a variety of ampoules on the market that promote rapid recovery of wires.”

5. Vegetable oils also hydrate hair in summer

Oils also help with hair care and can be used in many ways, both in products and in pure form. “Coconut oil is an excellent choice for deep moisturizing the wires, as well as almond and grape seed oils. Avocado oil provides, in addition to hydration, a strengthening of the threads, “he says.

6. Bonus in shampoo and conditioner for oily hair

If your hair is oily or if the hair begins to get oily in the summer, the dermatologist’s tip is to bet on shampoo and conditioner lines that balance the production of sebum. “Oily scalp may need more frequent hygiene during the summer as the humid environment enhances fungal growth. Use specific shampoos and conditioners for this type of complaint. “

7. Thermal protector before dryer

Do you stop using the dryer or the flat iron in the summer? The tip is to use a thermal protector on the wires before even switching on the appliances. “The use of thermal protectors and the use of the device, at a distance of at least 15 cm, help reduce the damage,” explains the dermatologist. They can be found in the form of leave-in or capillary oil.

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