Has Meghan Markle ever given birth? Here are the clues that madden the fans!

Has Meghan Markle ever given birth? Here are the clues that madden the fans!

While the birth of Meghan Markle is fast approaching, many believe that the Duchess could already give birth to her first child in the biggest secrets!

Has Meghan Markle ever given birth to the royal baby? The date of her delivery has never been so close. One thing is certain, there are many indications that the Duchess of Sussex may have already given birth to her first child. First, an ambulance went to the residence of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry last Friday. The staff of the company intends to keep the secret about the patient because the confidentiality must

Be respected at all times. Moreover, we do not comment on the operational issues relating to the members of the Royal House.

insured the ambulance company. However, Meghan Markle is unlikely to travel by ambulance anywhere except in an emergency.

One year after their marriage, the couple waits for their first child.

This Monday, photos of a baby were posted on Buckingham Palace social networks and many fans thought it was Meghan Markle’s baby and Prince Harry. However, these were images of the Countess of Wessex visiting newborns through Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust- supported programs to help combat blindness in preterm babies in India. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be determined to welcome their child in total secrecy. In addition, the Duchess does not expect to pose in front of the motherhood with her baby in her arms as usual as Kate Middleton.

The Duke and Duchess are eager to share this exciting news with everyone once they have had the opportunity to celebrate their private lives as a new family

 said a statement released by Buckingham Palace

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