5 Habits Which Have Happened By A Beauty Expertise

5 Habits Which Have Happened By A Beauty Expertise


The first thing that attracts the interlocutor’s eye is the neckline and neck area.

Therefore, it’s first of all that rather than wrinkles on the nose or around the eyes. By the way, numerous studies show that men notice aging only when wrinkles appear on the neck and the skin of the lips loses its tone, the “crow’s feet” do not bother them at all.
Therefore, the neckline and neck need separate serious care, you can not smear them with cream just on the residual principle. And the cream should be applied from the bottom up, with light massage movements over the lymph flow. But I don’t believe in special tools developed specifically for this zone: the director of the center engaged in the certification of cosmetics in our market somehow told me in secret that the formulas for face, body, the skin around the eyes and neckline haven’t differed (well, except that perfume and texture).


The skin on the body is also aging, and also requires regular hydration and care, as is the skin of the face or hands. The best way to take care of the skin of the body is to apply a caring agent immediately after a shower when the pores are opened and the skin is saturated with moisture.

After a shower, it is worth wetting the skin with a towel (not wiping it dry), apply a remedy (for example, coconut or almond oil, or favorite body milk), and give the remedy to be absorbed well before dressing.

3. Browse

 Do not underestimate the eyebrows. a different shape of eyebrows instantly changes everything. Inaccurate and unkempt eyebrows will kill any stylish image, thin, plucked eyebrows will add age, and an incorrectly chosen shade of eyebrow pencil will make the entire makeup cryingly tasteless.

Competent care, tinting eyebrows, the use of lipsticks (which solve the problem of shaggy) and pencil (which draws the line and aligns the geometry of the face) really change everything: the brightest part of your face is worthy of attention no less than the eyes or lips.

4. Wash off 

 That it is impossible to go to bed without washing off the makeup and dirt from the face, I read a lot of various materials explaining why this is so important. And it was during this period that I became acquainted with the amazing properties of micellar water, which I still use. No other means just as quickly and carefully does not bring the face in order, and if you have dry or sensitive skin, then you need to see miscellaneous water especially.


To date, there is not a single 100% perfect care for hair, especially fragile or dyed. Any shampoo not only washes away the dirt, but also breaks the lipid film on the surface of the scalp, and our habit of washing the head every day does not add any health to the hair. Balms, masks, and conditioners are also not able to fully solve the problems, since on the one hand they cover the hair with a protective nutritional film, and on the other hand – the same film covers the scalp, which leads to impaired sebum secretion. Add to this the styling products and get an answer to the question “why would I not use whatever products, the hair still falls out / breaks / electrifies /dry/brittle”, etc.
There are not so many ways to really help your hair:

  • reduce hair washing through the use of dry shampoos (for example, organic, which remove greasiness and at the same time fully combed out);
  • reduce the number of styling (haircut so that the styling does not require funds and hair dryers);
  • buy a silk pillowcase on a pillow to minimize the effects of static electricity on the hair;
  • if you have long hair, then before going to bed, it is better to collect them in a bundle at the top of the head – so the hair will break less (and in the morning you will get a pretty styling with waves – to get a smooth wave on both sides of the face, you can collect the hair in two bundle bundles, like Princess Lea);
  • add Omega-3 to your diet (fish oil, sold in capsules at any pharmacy)
  • buy a soft hair brush, discard bumps and other traumatic procedures;
  • apply balm and masks only on the two lower thirds of the hair, reducing contact with the scalp to a minimum.

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