Find the right concealer for your skin type

 So you can find the right concealer for your skin type Creamy, liquid or stick: Every skin type needs a special concealer.

Concealer is one of the most widely sold make-up products, and with each of your girlfriends, you will certainly find several variants in the bathroom. But the ideal product is not always there. For the selection is not only about the perfect nuance but about the skin type itself.

With the right product, you can not only make your dark circles and wrinkles disappear but kiss the entire complexion with targeted highlights. Make-up professionals therefore always have several concealers in their make-up kit. Depending on the customer, they mix not only the shades but also the textures with each other.

These are the best concealers for every skin type:

1. Normal skin

If you’re in your early 20s and have normal skin, you can cheerfully test yourself through the world’s variety of products and see which concealer works best for you. If you do not have much experience in applying make-up, it’s best to choose a product that you can gently blend in with your fingers. So you get a better feel for the handling.

The best concealers for normal skin:

2. Dry skin

It is important to find a rich and best liquid concealer that does not emphasize your dryness wrinkles and ensures that the skin is well moistened throughout the day.

The best concealers for dry skin:

3. Oily skin

With greasy skin, the durability of the concealer is the be-all and end-all. Pay attention to terms like “Super stay” or “24-h”. To prevent the product from settling, it should be slightly matt and not too creamy.

The best concealers for oily skin:

4. Sensitive skin

Especially sensitive skin types are extremely sensitive to care and make-up products that are applied around the eye area. But beware: low-irritant concealers are not automatically natural cosmetic products – they often contain essential oils.

The best concealers for sensitive skin:

5. Mature skin

From the age of 30, every woman should make conscientious anti-aging care an integral part of her daily beauty routine. Mature skin concealers not only have a high opacity and moisturize the demanding skin. They also protect against harmful UV radiation and have a lifting effect that can visually compensate for wrinkles, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.

The best concealers for mature skin:

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