Interesting Step by Step DIY facial Routine at home

Interesting Step by Step DIY facial Routine at home

Using products and giving a way to chemicals to your skin is a great risk .

Wouldn’t It be better if we opt for natural facial masks that put a glow to our skin and give it a smooth texture?

And it will be quite wonderful when we can know about such facial masks without effort so for this you need to check out my new blog.


First you need to tie up you hairs

Now start by cleaning your face by using a good deep facial cleanser.

2. Scrub

After cleansing your face start scrubbing your face smoothly special on areas where your pores tend to gather.

3. Steaming

Now bowl some water in a wide-open bowl and place it right below your face. This will help to open your facial pores.

4.Clay Mask

Now apply some clay mask on your face for 3 to 4 mints.

5. Peeling mask

Next step is to apply some peeling mask and wait for it to dry completely before peeling it off.

6. Final step

The final step is to apply some moisturizer restore the balance in your skin. Moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated.

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