Interesting Charcoal Uses To Make Your Life Easier

Interesting Charcoal Uses To Make Your Life Easier

You probably be aware of the power charcoal holds especially concerning beauty but still there are many other ways of using charcoal that are quite interesting are waiting to be revealed. You never know how come these uses of it can change your life.

Below are some unique ways of using charcoal

1. As Detox Drink

Charcoal has been lately used as a detoxifying drink. It is known to clean out toxins and all the bacteria from the body. Recently charcoal-lemonade drinks are highly recommended.

Taking charcoal drink with lemon, cucumber or any other stimuli in the morning will give you a fresh day ahead.

2. Removing Teeth Stains

Well well how strange to know that charcoal can remove teeth stains. Indeed it can yeah don’t be shy it is infact the most easier and useful method of doing so. A simple bar of charcoal will do the work.

Just add a little charcoal with water on your tooth brush to make a thick paste and rub it on your teeths gently. You will be surprised with the results.

3. Stomach problems

You would be surprised with the importance charcoal holds regarding stomach problems whether its gas, bloated belly or ingestion a little intake of charcoal in pill form is purely beneficial.

Its been gaining popularity lately and has been in use since you might don’t even its presence. Shocking indeed

4. Hair Toxins

Another surprise regarding use of charcoal. Shocking enough to remove toxins from your body but not only that it also useful in removing toxins from your hairs.

Charcoal is proved to be useful in removing all the dirt and toxins from your hairs leaving them smoot and silky. Just grab any shampoo from the market containing activated charcoal or you can just simply add charcoal from any pill into your regular used shampoo.

5. Face Mask for Pores

Charcoal recently is very much used in beauty masks. It helps to remove bacteria and dirt from you face that might have gotten or stuck due to endless pollution. Charcoal helps to remove such toxins clogging your pores in the process and also cleaning them minimizing the chances of blackheads and acne.

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