Interesting Myths About The Best Time To Eat Fruit (And The Truth)

Interesting Myths About the Best Time to Eat Fruit (and the Truth)

Fruits are considered to be natural essential elements for body growth and maintenance. Everyone is quite well aware of their importance and their benefits. Their use to keep day ahead fresh and use them as in snacks. Whatever the kind is fruits serves equally beneficial. But pros can be converted into cons if not taken properly or at correct time. Never thought about it. Right? Neither do I but its true.

Fruits can be turned harmful if not taken properly at correct time and correct order. For example its best if they are taken I  mornings as at that time stomach is empty causing proper digestion of it and boosting the immune system but at the same time if they are taken before sleep or at night it could be proved to be harmful leading to insomnia.

Below are some common fruits with their best time for intake.

1. Apple

Apple is sweet edible fruit that is rich in proteins and nutrients.

Best Time:  Mornings

Eating apple in mornings will boost your digestive system keeping you fresh.

Worst Time: At Night

Apple peel is hard to digest so intake of it at night can cause disturbance.

2. Banana

It is an edible fruit with low content of fat and cholesterol.

Best Time: afternoon

Banana helps in digestion due to high fibers and acts as natural antacid

Worst Time: Night

Eating on empty stomach and at night can lead to mucous formation.

3. Mango

It is a juicy stone fruit with many nutrients.

Best Time: 30 minutes before workout

Due to its nutrients content it boosts your system.

Worst Time: Dinner

Its rich calories can be a problem to digest.

4. Orange

It is a citrus fruit with many vitamin C facts.

Best Time: Snacks

Due to vitamin C it boosts metabolism

Worst Time: Breakfast

On empty stomach it can cause irritation.

5. Papaya

It is rich source of antioxidant nutrients

Best Time: Breakfast/snack

It helps in soothing digestive tract due to less acidic nature

Worst Time: Dinner

Causes stomach problems due to heaviness

6. Watermelon

It is refreshing fruit soaked with nutrients

Best Time: Breakfast/lunch

Fulfils water requirements

Worst time: Dinner/Bed time

Upsets stomach and slows down digestion

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