Amber Heard hit by Johnny Depp? Her stylist questions her accusations

Amber Heard hit by Johnny Depp? Her stylist questions her accusations

Johnny Depp was he really violent with Amber Heard? The testimony of their stylist clearly sows doubt.

Let it be said, Johnny Depp is ready to do anything to clear his name against Amber Heard. According to him, his ex-wife totally lied about the marital violence that she would have suffered during their marriage. Determined to expose his truth, the actor has filed a complaint about defamation and claims 50 million dollars in damages. For her part, the actress we saw in Aquaman continues to shout loudly the calvary she would have suffered. Charges that could be hurt according to the revelations of his former stylist Samantha McMillen. Indeed, according to official documents obtained by The Blast, the latter made troubling revelations during her interrogation, revealing that she had never seen the face of her tumefied ex-client.

Samantha McMillen stated:

On 16 December 2015, I spent much of the day and evening with Amber Heard, were preparing for his appearance in the emission of James Corden. I’ve seen it all the day of December 16, 2015, in a good light, up close, and without makeup. On that day, I could clearly see that Amber Heard had no marks, injuries or blue or visible cut in the face or On the show, after the show, Mrs. Heard said, ‘Do you realize I did the show with two guys?’ Ms. Heard did not have any bad guys and was not hurt all day, and later I heard that she had accused Johnny Depp of new testimony that could well tip the case in favor of Johnny Depp

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