9 Mistakes that will make you regret over the years

Find out what you are doing wrong, and correct the mistakes of youth, before it is too late.

1. Trying to save a hopeless relationship

It doesn’t matter for what reason you are trying to preserve a falling apart relationship: worry about someone else’s opinion, about children, don’t want to lose your first love, or think that no one else will love you. It is important that you voluntarily deprive yourself of the chance to find someone to be happy with.

2. Do not let go of those who has already left

It is normal to miss a broken love or friendship, but this feeling should not subdue your whole life. About 7.5 billion people live in the world, among them, there will surely be someone who can help you to console yourself. Although this does not mean that letting go of those who left you is necessary only for the sake of a new relationship. It is worth making this first of all for its own sake so that the burden of the past does not interfere vigorously in the future.

3. Hold on to unloved work

You spend a third of a week on work taking into account the lunch break and the road, and this is too long a period of time to endure the unloved activity. Of course, circumstances are different and it’s not so easy to leave a well-paid, but a hateful position in the starting position of a dream. But you will definitely regret it if you at least do not try to understand what you really want to do.

4. Too much work

Even a favorite job is a job anyway, and life should not be hung up on it. Looking back over the years, you will hardly regret that you spent too little time in the office. But you may find that children grew up without you, friends no longer call, because you always have no time, and you have no more interests left.

5. Trying to meet other people’s expectations

You entered the law because your mother considered the legal profession to be profitable. Dyed your hair pink because it was fashionable in your get-together. We started a family, because “it is time for your age.” While you are trying to meet other people’s expectations, you have less and less time to live your life. You can, of course, wait for the middle age crisis and come off in full, but this will not return you lost years and lost opportunities.

6. Do not risk

The risk is different, and you are unlikely to regret that you did not cross the busy road to a red traffic light or did not sit in the sector of CSKA fans in the form of “Spartacus.” But you will torment yourself with questions, what would it be if you decided to confess your love to your school hobby, respond to a steep vacancy in a large company, go on an adventurous journey.

7. Pay less attention to health

In his youth, it seems that you will always be slim, vigorous and healthy, but the body will make it rather early in the letter that this is not so. Therefore, do not neglect the recommendations of physicians: a healthy diet, a healthy diet, physical activity; Global recommendations on physical activity for health, the use of sunscreens.

8. Do not want to learn new things

With age, a person is worse when does age-related cognitive decline begin? learns new things, so every year you have to spend more time and energy on mastering new skills. In addition, there will be less and less time to apply them.

9. Spend much time wasted

Already at school, we regret that we refused to sleep in kindergarten, and at the university that we were not very active in school. Over the years, the list of missed opportunities will grow, and the only way to break out of this vicious cycle is to start doing something right now.

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