8 words that will help to get rid of problems & attract good luck to life

Even in ancient times, people understood that words, pronounced with conviction and repeated many times, are capable of exerting a strong influence on the life and fate of a person. It was noticed that frequent use of words with a sharply negative meaning leads to aggravation of problems, and, on the contrary, the predominance of “positive” words in speech gives a person such strength that he gets out of the most difficult life situations and achieves luck.

Our wise ancestors used this observation to make conspiracies truly effective. And modern psychologists have confirmed the connection between what we say and our self-perception and luck. The fact is that the words that are often pronounced by us are deposited on the subconscious and cause a special reaction of the body, affecting our behavior and life in general. Therefore, if problems do not give you peace, it’s time to think about what words you say most often.

Here is a list of 10 words to help get rid of problems and attract good luck.

1. Luck

Yes, luck loves when her name is by name. But to use this word must be confident and only with a positive attitude. No “Oh, if I smiled good luck …”. Instead, say “I believe that luck will smile at me today.”

2. Happiness

Happiness is what you are aiming for. Remind yourself of this goal every day and look into the future with confidence: “I will definitely achieve my happiness.” Repeating this word, you bring your goal closer to you, and after a while, you will really feel like a happy person.

3. Love

The ability to love oneself and the world around us is a guarantee of good luck, which does not like stubborn people. Remind tell your loved ones about your feelings, and do not be afraid to confess your love for the world. Say: “I love this world for its beauty and the possibilities that it opens before me.” And the world will hasten to answer you in return.

4. Well being

The word consists of two parts, and if you rearrange them in places, we will see the combination “receive good”. If you often use this word, and especially if you wish well-being to other people, you will really begin to receive the benefits of life and will turn to yourself good luck.

5. Thanks

If you make out this word by its constituents, you get the combination “give good”. Fortune turns its back on those who can only receive without giving anything in return. Therefore, thanks for your success – saying precisely the word “thank you” to close people, well-established circumstances, those who have given you even an insignificant, but help, and next time, luck will not deny you again their favor.

6. Success

That all your undertakings were crowned with success, often pronounce this word. This way you will program yourself for good luck and achieve what you want.

7. Confidence

Confidence is one of the fundamental feelings of lucky people. If you believe in yourself, then Fortune will give you a favor. Frequent repetition of this word will help you to feel confident in your abilities, convince yourself of your own faith, even if at first you had doubts.

8. Trust

In order for circumstances to develop successfully, you need to trust life. Before an important business for you, often talk about trust: “I have confidence in relation to life. I know that life circumstances will be in my favor. ”

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