7 Interesting Truths About Work And The Career That We Will Frequently Recognized Too Late

7 Interesting Truths About Work And The Career That We Will Frequently Recognized Too Late 

“If someone had explained this to me before, things could have been different!” – did you have to say these words to yourself?…

Unfortunately, life is arranged in such a way that we very often realize and accept some things too late, when the time is already lost, when circumstances cannot be changed, and it remains only to regret that you did not shine before.


Career and work is no exception: a study conducted by Madrid psychologists shows that the overwhelming majority of successful office workers for 40 regrets that they learned some of the lessons too late.

1. You Do Not Have A Lot Of Time To Spend It To Work Which You Don’t Like

In our youth, we often take on any job that turns up, just to make money – and this is a mistake. The time spent on an uninteresting business, in which you do not grow, and which takes away strength and energy, no one will return, and most likely there will come a time when you still can not stand it and run away.

Somewhere where you can go about your business and grow, but where you have to start from scratch at a much more mature age and with very different circumstances (family, obligations, etc.)

If you don’t like the work you are doing, colleagues, the situation in the office, if you go there every day as hard labor – quit! There is no progress without risk.

And if circumstances do not allow you to quit right now (for example, you need money and you cannot afford to take risks), then develop a strategy. Get additional skills, learn market opportunities, learn the language, listen to lectures online, develop a network of contacts – in general, do what will allow you to decide on changes for the better without a strong risk.

To achieve this success is possible only in the case that you like. Do not calm down until you find him.

Steve Jobs

2. No One  Work And No One Career Achievement Worth Your Health

 This is another truth that corporate veterans often understand too late. At the beginning of a career, in pursuit of success and money, we often sacrifice rest, sleep, normal nutrition and holidays, and all this, accumulating, results in problems that no success can compensate.

In fact, you can become truly successful in life only if you are healthy, so that constant sleepless nights on projects are not worth the result. Do not forget about the sport, it will help and keep fit and stay focused. Do not donate your stomach for snacking is unclear than – a stomach ulcer in 30 with a little is unlikely to be a decoration for your career.

3. The World Is Worth To Spend Time On Opening 

Work is just one part of your life. You may be very passionate about your career, and give yourself to work projects as a whole, but at some point, you will realize that while you were working at your desk, life passed by you.

The world, your friends, your city, your loved ones are worth it to be distracted from the working computer. Do not let work take away your weekend, don’t donate vacations, and don’t miss the hours and minutes you can spend on something other than your career.

Leave work hours to work, and if it, as an insatiable monster, captures more and more of your personal time, it means something is seriously wrong: either you are unable to organize your working day normally, or you are overloaded, or you just do something wrong.

4. Social Relationships Are Important

One may laugh on Facebook or LinkedIn, but social networks today are not only a way to kill time, but also a way to build a network of contacts, which over time acquires high value. In addition to the actual contacts – people who work in your field and who can help you find a new job or get some new opportunities, you can build your reputation in your industry, which at some point will play into your hands.

Does personal information (or make two accounts – private, for close friends and relatives, and working social, for colleagues, clients, friends, interesting and useful people), share interesting information on your specialty, comment, subscribe to opinion leaders in in your segment, add as a friend to the stars of your industry.

Use the network as a tool for your career development, and not a place where you can brag or look at old friends. To neglect the possibilities of social networks today is just as stupid as it is senseless to kill time in them.

5. Training Is Important

Mastering related skills or languages enhances your professional capitalization and opens up other opportunities. Today, almost all industries are developing in leaps and bounds, every day new knowledge, new tools, new technologies appear. Unlike our parents, we have to constantly learn so as not to be left out.

Do not fall into the trap of laziness, watch what is happening in the field of interest to you, learn and constantly absorb new information. This will all be rewarded.

6. It Is Important To Know When To Say“ NO ”And When to Say“ YES ”

At the beginning of your career, you should take on different opportunities, try yourself in different projects, go on trips, ask for helpers or assistants to someone who can give you valuable experience.

However, over time, it is important to learn to say not only “yes” to any proposals, but also to set boundaries – otherwise, you risk losing too much time, raking other people’s debris. The sooner you learn to understand what is in your responsibilities and what is in your interests, and what takes up your resources and time, the faster and more efficiently you will move forward.

7. With A Good Team, You Are Growing Faster

Working with top professionals in the field you choose is worth the sacrifice in terms of pay. You can grow quickly only alongside those who have a flair and experience, and who can pass it on to you.

In turn, when you grow up to a managerial position, it is very important to carefully select your team, and ruthlessly cut those who pull everyone else down. Choose indifferently, let us open up, and cut off the lazy, insolent, dishonest and all those who do not share your values and aspirations.

Stay away from those who seek to pacify your ambitions, little people always try to belittle others. Next to great people, on the contrary, you will always feel that you too can become great, and your ambitions will be like the sun, which warms you and helps you grow

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