5 phrases to say yourself in difficult moments of life

5 phrases that you need to say to yourself in difficult moments of life. In order to survive difficult times, you must first mobilize all your internal resources.

Getting involved in a lot of things
Do not rush like a nerd through the jungle,
Do not worry that you did not have time,
Maybe you’re late for the Titanic.

1. I have the right to cry a little, but soon I will laugh again

Emotional detente is very important in order to survive the tribulation period, to come to terms with failure, mistakes, and difficulties. Never hold back or feel guilty for being depressed and lacking in strength.

But it is important to remember that this state, the need to “look into the eyes of our demons,” should not last too long. This should not be permanent.

Crying and reflecting on our problems serves a very clear purpose: to help us accept what has happened, to move forward, to change the situation and ourselves. You deserve to start smiling again.

2. The person who can best help me get through the difficulties is myself

You may be surrounded by good friends, a sensitive partner, and a loving family who cares about you. However, you should be able to cope with these moments of difficulty yourself.

Without a will, without energy, without hope, it will be very difficult for you to get out of this dark room into which you have fallen. Listen to those around you, accept their help, but then you yourself must start this internal process of overcoming difficulties.

3. I can not change circumstances, but I can change my attitude towards them

There are things that cannot be avoided: loss, illness, separation, relationships that break, despite all our efforts …

None of us can control 100% of these difficulties and circumstances that life sometimes throws at us. However, only we are responsible for our thoughts.

“I cannot” completely immobilizes us and brings us only negative emotions. While “I can do this” completely changes our attitude and we find new strengths.
Do not forget about it!

4. I will begin to live when I step over my fear

In our articles, we have talked many times about the comfort zone. This is the invisible space that surrounds us and gives us a sense of security and control over the situation.

However, when we experience hardship and adversity, we feel that these invisible walls are crumbling, leaving us completely defenseless.

We must overcome this fear and go beyond the limits of this once-cozy cocoon that surrounded us.

If you are afraid to even think what will happen to you now, after you cross this line, then first accept what happened, and then remind yourself that life goes on and you along with it. Forward!

If you feel fear, are afraid to be alone, then rationalize these fears and remember our second phrase: the only person who can help you is you. Find the strength to overcome it.

5. I have to take care of my calm and inner balance every day.

You care about your diet, weight, go to the doctor to check your health. Constantly think and take care of your loved ones, and perhaps in the evening, you fall on the bed with almost no strength.

Now ask yourself, when was the last time you thought about your feelings, needs and your inner world?

It is useful to ask yourself this question every day. If we prioritize the needs of others, we begin to neglect ourselves.

If we focus our efforts on material things, trying to accumulate or receive them, we forget about really important things: our happiness, our integrity as a person.

When times are tough, we must be prepared for them, and the best strategy is to cultivate our inner peace every day, to strengthen self-esteem and self-esteem.

Not forgetting, first of all, that life flows and everything is constantly changing. Like it or not, we need to be part of this movement.

And in conclusion, it should be emphasized that none of us can predict when these difficult moments will come and life will test us for strength, so you need to know how to “launch” these mechanisms of viability, and these phrases will help you with this. Because having survived the storm, we will definitely see a rainbow

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