20 Things That Make You An Old lady

20 Things That Make You An Old lady

 If you want to look younger, then listen to these tips!

1. As For Black

The opinion that this color is old is debatable. After all, there is nothing more alluring, more elegant, more luxurious than a woman in black. In a pinch, you can always refresh your complexion with a scarf or blouse.

2. Clothing, Out Of Fashion

There is nothing worse when a woman drags the image of her youth – a bright make-up from the 80s, voluminous shoulders from the 90s, etc. It is not necessary to comply with all the latest trends, it is enough to catch the general trends – the length of the skirt, the silhouette, the color scheme in order to keep up with fashion and look modern at the same time.

3. Luxurious Fabrics

Many women’s commitment to luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin, lace, and lurex, especially during the daytime, works against them.

4. Look Older Than Your Age

To not look older than your age, use any light and pinkish-peach tones – they perfectly refresh the complexion.

5. A Bag

A bag to match shoes and jewelry in a set is also extremely irrelevant today and automatically throws a couple of years.

6. Form

Avoid various overalls and other clothes that blur the outlines of the figure. Such styles go only to models with parameters 90-60-90.

7. Neon Colors

 Beware of bright neon colors, popular in the 80s, preferring expressive juicy shades.

8. Choose the correct length

Most women go skirt length just below the knee, which makes any leg slim, and elegant figure. Also slim, elongated straight pants covering the heel, sweaters with a V-cut, the top and bottom of the same color.

9. Dark Or Light Colours

It is well known that dark colors make us older and, on the contrary, light younger ones.

10. Simplicity

The same applies to diamonds and, even worse, their more affordable counterparts: rhinestone jewelry, glass, and beads. The desire to look smart can make you funny, but not attractive. Simplicity is the best friend in this case.


Avoid olive, marsh and other earthy tones that reflect on the face and give it unhealthy pallor.

12. Try To Avoid Such Sets In Clothes

  • skirt + jacket
  • trousers + jacket

especially if both the top and the top have the same pattern. It’s quite acceptable to go to work like that, but you shouldn’t go for a walk or in a cafe.

13. Emphasize The Waist

Try by all means to emphasize the waist, whether it be a dress with a thin belt or a wide belt worn over a suit or even a coat.

14. Your Style 

Intense makeup and complex styling, unnatural hair color of youth are not comrades.

15. The Wrong Assumption

The assumption is wrong that the brighter the colors and the more refined the hairstyle, the more irresistible you are. Healthy shiny hair and delicate makeup, emphasizing the dignity of your face – this is what will decorate any woman, especially over a certain line.

16. Clothing That Does Not Match Age And Status

Informal clothing, ruffles, and flounces, styling for the 20s or 30s are far from being common to everyone and make others around you perceive inadequate.

17. Match Your Appearance With Your Social Group

Try to match your appearance with the social group to which you belong or would like to belong. A prestigious university teacher should choose a discreet intellectual chic, and a theater or movie actress is bohemian.

18. Choose open sexy shoes with high heels

Good shoes make any woman irresistible and desirable. And, on the contrary, the rough closed shoes will add charm only to the teenager.

19. Find Your Own Style

Try to find your own style, emphasizing your strengths and hiding flaws – nothing decorates a woman like her personality.

20. And the last

Not clothes are old, but thoughts and lack of attention to oneself. On well-groomed women who love themselves and their appearance, any clothing is good. Look at Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston – they look so amazing in their 40, that any clothes only decorate them.

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