10 daily life factors that drain your energy

Simple Daily Causes Of Your Fatigue And Illness!

1. Unfinished business

An abandoned case of laziness, boredom or reluctance causes a leak of vital energy that concentrates on things that you have not completed. To some people, they are in dreams to remind them of the importance of getting things started. That is why it is so important not to start a business that you don’t have time and/or desire to do. Such unfinished business includes unfulfilled promises and debts that you have not yet returned.

2. Falsehood

The bigger the lie, the more vital energy is spent on its presentation: you need to think so much about details so that you are not caught in a lie that it is no less exhausting than unloading cars. Try to be as honest with your family, friends and yourself as possible – and life will become easier and more energy will appear.

3. Fear, hostility, distrust

Fear, like a lie, consumes a lot of life energy. Mistrust of a person or a hostile attitude also makes the bodywork in stress mode – in the end, nothing good will come of it. Remember that all emotions depend on your perception of a specific situation and the world as a whole. Work on yourself – and you can learn how to save vital energy.

4. Lack of communication with nature

Life in the metropolis is exhausting on its own: not a minute of absolute silence, not a chance to be removed from problems, a lack of staying in fresh air and unity with nature. Trees, grass, birds singing – all this feeds your vital energy, and the cold and soulless city sucks it out of you, leaving it in a state of squeezed lemon.

5. Experiencing and overloading

The body spends a lot of vital energy to work in overload and/or stress. There is not a single system of the body, which stress would not have a negative impact.

6. Talk about nothing

Why spend your life energy on conversations that do not benefit either you or your interlocutor? Such chatter makes you spend not only energy but also precious time. Therefore, if you feel that the conversation loses any meaning, do not hesitate and stop the conversation. Remember: life is too short for idle chatter.

7. Insults

The inability to forgive, the habit of keeping anger and resentment in oneself is perhaps the worst quality of a person. Negative emotions draw life energy out of us and feed on it, growing to incredible sizes. If you cannot forgive a person for this or that act, think that you are harming yourself first and foremost for yourself: your psyche, physical health, and reserves of vital energy.

8. Lack of sleep

Where does life energy come from if you don’t give rest to your body or soul? Failure of biorhythms leads the body to bewilderment: he no longer understands how to cope with the tasks set before him without a clear timetable for rest and work, he wonders why everything has changed in the usual rhythm of work and eventually goes on strike.

9. Bad habits

The body is harmed not only by alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. There are many bad habits that we tend not to notice: overeating, eating harmful foods, the habit of negatively looking at what is happening, blaming the whole world for our failures, etc. The worse you eat, the harder it is for the body to flush toxins, so these eating habits often result in liver and kidney disease. The habit of negative thinking leads to disruption of the nervous system.

10. External factors and diseases

There are external factors that we cannot influence. However, to stop the outflow of vital energy that occurs when dealing with unpleasant people, everyone can! The main thing is not to get angry, but calmly stop communicating or quarreling with an unpleasant person, not allowing him to enjoy your vulnerability.

Advice: if you find it difficult to keep track of your vital energy, manage it the same way as finances. Make a list of energy costs and think about what energy costs you can cut down, and for what useful things you can increase the amount of energy expended. So you can balance your life, you will have more power for all sorts of accomplishments!

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